Do you find yourself asking "Where did the time go?", as you look at your children.

Do you miss conversations with them? where you actually hear their voices instead of guessing what BL means as you look at your phone screen? 

It's time. It's time for your family to bond over new common experiences while creating memories to last a lifetime. Reconnect as a family while sailing into your Alaskan Family Adventure. 



  • Quality time with family

  • Kids have their own adventures

  • Experiencing Alaska off the beaten path

  • Connection to electronics only on your terms

  • Learning about different cultures

  • Making new friends

  • Kayaking, paddleboard, skiff touring and hiking

  • Searching for wildlife - bears, Sitka deer, sea lions, eagles, mink, porpoises, seals and otters so close you can touch them

DAY 1 Juneau – Embarkation

Upon boarding, your crew greets you with champagne and smiles. Set sail for the Endicott Arm wilderness. 

DAY 2 Endicott Arm / Fords Terror
Take an early peek out your window. Fjord cliffs reach skyward. Floating ice. And deep u-shaped valleys. There's no abracadabra here. Mother Nature's magic is real. Cruise past harbor seals and their pups lounging on chunks of ice. At the end of Endicott, the blue face of Dawes Glacier is stories high. Will it calve? Listen for a crack and unmistakable white thunder. 

DAY 3 Stephens Passage
Humpback and orca are frequent visitors of the Southeast passage. A misty spout is a sure sign they're in the neighborhood. 

DAY 4 Thomas Bay / Wrangell Narrows
When you come this far, you might as well go all in. This is way back backcountry of Alaska's wilderness. Glacial landscapes marked by moraines, muskegs, and mud. In this playground, it's all an option today. Kayak and skiff in water almost clear as glass. 

DAY 5 Wrangell
Native culture and wildlife have gotten along just fine for centuries. Wrangell is one of the oldest towns in Alaska. it's also the only one ever governed by four nations. Venture into town for a view of recently carved totem poles at Kiksetti Totem Park. See how many totems you can pick out on each pole. 

DAY 6 Behm Canal
Wildlife abounds. Black bears, mink, eagles. In Behm Canal, it's all remote waterways and the isolated Tongass National Forest.  In the water, orca, porpoises, seals, and otters go about their business. 

DAY 7 Misty Fjords National Monument
Its affectionate nickname, "The Yosemite of the North," is deserved. There are places on the planet that completely overcome you. This is one of them. The beauty. The peace. The sense of place you feel. 

DAY 8 Juneau – Disembarkation
Linger over breakfast this morning cruising into Juneau. Wish your crew and new friends goodbye. 

Are you ready to strengthen your family bonds? I am ready to help.




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