A Time to Bond and Explore

A family vacation no longer means taking your kids to the beach for a week in the summer; parents, aunts, uncles, and everyone in between want in on the experience. This is not the only changing trend; vacation plans are shifting from quick escapes to highly-planned excursions. And when planning an intricate trip with a wide range of ages involved, from children, baby boomers, and retiree's, planning is essential.

Why is Multigenerational Travel So Popular?


In between holidays, my family rarely got to spend quality time with each either because of extremely busy lifestyles. Both my parents worked while my brother and I were preoccupied with highly-run social lives. Now baby boomers, the generation who grew up with the notion of a sit-down-family dinner and collaborative vacations, want to see their grandchildren grow. They are healthy and active retirees, so they are bringing back the family vacation.


Like many parents, mine cherished the bonds they built with their family, so being involved in my life and my children's was much more important than offering financial support or gifts. According to AARP, in 2016, 54% of members say they take a vacation to spend time with family and friends and 2/3 of them say that money had no impact on their vacation plans. Time is much more precious than money, and like many baby boomers, they preferred trips over cash to celebrate milestone events..

Deciding Where to Go


Multigenerational travel needs multigenerational activities, so I would look for destinations that offered events for both grandparents and grandchildren. Some things I considered include: if grandma could walk that far, if my child would be bored, and if we had time to spend together as well as our independence. Finding a place to suit everyone's needs and limitations made our trip versatile and special.

Here are some top locations that can adjust to any age:


  • Cruises: Ships cater to family vacations. As a parent, I could drop off my children at the supervised kid zone, show my grandparents to the on-ship casino, and station myself by the adult-only swimming pool. Plus, they offer a range of food options and dining hours, so we could eat when and where we want.

  • Exploring new cultures: I like to take a step out of my comfort zone for a worth-while experience. And what better way to share something new with my family than discovering another region of the world. There are many popular destinations abroad that offer planned and all-inclusive packages that help schedule great experiences like an African safari, a Mexican resort stay, or a tour around Europe.

  • Amusement and National Parks: I have been on many Disney vacations with the whole family, and I can say nothing compared to watching my grandparents become kids again as they bond with their grandchildren. Disney offers many packages to suit large families, even a dining plan option and large cabin rentals. When my family felt adventuress, a vacation to one of the United States National Parks, like Yellow Stone National Park, Glacier National Park or the Grand Canyon, taught younger generations some outdoor skills.

Planning the Accommodations


Wherever my family decides to go on vacation, we make sure we are comfortable. We need our own personal space; otherwise, annoyances would begin to brew. So, proper living space is a necessity to keep the bond and experience positive. There are many options available and with my help, we will find the right one for your family. Staying in a single villa is a favorite option; we get our own rooms and have the option to cook when and what we want. If a whole house isn't possible, then I will get multiple rooms and split everyone up evenly. This was also fun since my kids loved to jump from room to room and stay with a new family member each night.

Being Flexible


I've learned over the years that family is unlike any other relationship; they provide unconditional love. This kind of love can lead to arguments because we know the bond will never be broken. So, when traveling it is important to remember that this is everyone's trip; everyone should have a say. Being flexible to my family's opinions led to less arguments and more fun.


The 10 Questions You Need to Ask as You Plan an Escape for the Whole Family

Want to take a family adventure this year that goes beyond the ordinary cruise or theme park vacation? Will it be a multigenerational affair, with the grandparents on down to the grandkids? Then you need this guide. It reveals:

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  • The 1 question most families fail to think about — and it has a HUGE impact on their vacations!

  • The trip types that work best for big families (especially if some members have mobility issues)


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