• Tracy Schatz

The Beach Is Calling

It’s amazing how when the days are shorter we start dreaming about the sunshine of a beach. Okay, it’s probably the heat that is calling our name as well. Let’s talk about some of the best non-Caribbean/Mexico beaches.


While it may seem like a bit of a flight, it’s a great option. With so many islands, each with its own personality to choose from, and hundreds of miles of beaches, it’s hard NOT to fall in love with Hawaii. If you like the energy and buzz of a bustling city Waikiki Beach is probably the right choice for you. You’ve got all of the nightlife and energy of Waikiki right there, yet you’ve also got the stunning beach right there so put your feet up and enjoy. The Ko Olina Beach is a great beach for families, while it’s one of the few man-made beaches, it’s great for calm water and snorkeling. With several surf beaches around the island, there really is a beach for everyone. Moving on to Maui, you’ve got miles of beautiful beaches, great for canoeing or paddleboarding. The beaches of Kaui offer so many great activities, you can snorkel on Poipu Beach or how about kayaking on Wailua River. No matter where in Hawaii you go, you will find great beaches, where you can either sit back and relax or dive right in to enjoy the water.


Who doesn’t want to escape to the South Pacific? The endless views, stunning sunsets, and the most spectacular beaches. Made up of more than 300 islands, Fiji offers a beach for everyone. Well known for some of the most exhilarating surfing, it’s also ideal for romantic escapes with your significant other. Imagine laying in the hammock of your treehouse, directly on the beach with not a care in the world, and a cold drink in your hand. A treehouse not your style? Not to worry, how about an overwater bungalow where you leap directly into the water right outside your front balcony, watching the fish swim underneath. Fiji is a bucket-list must visit that you won’t want to miss.

Cook Islands

If you’re looking for a destination that can let you really let go and escape, then look no further than the Cook Islands. With an assortment of accommodations ranging from basic hotels to self-catering cottages (you’ve got a kitchen) to luxury hotels, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking for a longer stay, the cottages are a great option. Having a bit of a patio/terrace with your own greenspace out front and the beach right there allows you to just relax and let go.

The Cook Islands, while independently governed, are closely connected to New Zealand financially. Including the currency used is the New Zealand dollar, which gives us a great exchange rate. The Cook Islands are located between American Samoa and French Polynesia in the South Pacific. The Cooks also hold tight to some unique concepts that ensure they remain a quaint desirable destination, including building laws that state none of the buildings can be taller than a coconut tree. There are two bus routes, clockwise and counterclockwise - seriously, that is what you will see on the front of the bus. Many tourists travel using the bus or by renting a scooter.

Each Saturday most people, locals and visitors alike pour into the center square on Rarotonga for the Farmers Market. This is a great place to stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables and more for the week ahead.

Wanting something even more spectacular? How about escaping to Aitutaki for a few nights? Home to only about 1800 people, Aitutaki is a stunning, quiet piece of paradise located on a beautiful turquoise lagoon. The lagoon is filled with spectacular fish and creatures and is surrounded by a barrier reef, making this is a great destination for snorkeling or diving. Aitutaki is a short 45-minute flight from Rarotonga and makes a great escape to round out the end of a Cook Islands Vacation.

With so many stunning beaches around the world to choose from, it can be overwhelming, these are three of my favorites. I can’t wait to head out to explore even more to share with you.






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