• Tracy Schatz

5 Tips for Eating Healthy Foods While Traveling

Eating healthy at home is always fairly easy, as long as you have the proper ingredients in your house and have the time to prepare them for all your meals. However, when you are traveling, you are usually not cooking for yourself, so healthy eating can take a nosedive when you are away from home.

5 Tips for Eating Healthy Foods While Traveling

1. Stay Hydrated

While water is not technically a food, it is necessary if you want to stay healthy while you are traveling. Plus, staying hydrated will prevent you from overeating or eating too much junk food.

2. Choose Your Meals Carefully at Restaurants

It is so easy to walk into a restaurant and order a burger with fries without even looking at the menu. However, glancing at the menu for a minute or two can allow you to see the healthy salads and other healthy food options. Stick with dishes that have lots of vegetables and proteins and fewer carbs.

3. Limit Drinks Filled with Calories

Your healthy eating lifestyle can go out the window when you are on vacation thanks to sodas, energy drinks, and even a few extra alcoholic drinks. If you are looking to keep your calorie intake to a minimum, you should limit these drinks.

4. Don’t Wait to Eat

Most of us need to eat three meals plus a couple of snacks every single day, so do not change that routine when you are on vacation. If you do not want to spend lots of money on snacks, stop at a store to grab some apples, bananas, granola bars, nuts, and any other healthy options that appeal to you.

5. Avoid Deep-Fried Foods

As I mentioned above, you should choose your restaurant meals carefully. However, what about all those food vendors you encounter out on the streets? Do you get a free pass with them? While you might think you do, I can honestly say you don’t.

So, while you can indulge in fried foods on occasion, I do recommend that you steer clear of them for the most part when you are on vacation.

These five tips for eating healthy foods while traveling will keep you feeling better when you are away from home and they will allow you to enjoy your vacation much more too. While you should be eating this way already, you may want to at least start following these tips a few days before you leave for your vacation, so you can get a head start on eating healthy and staying healthy until you get home.





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