Day 1 – Bozeman and Gardiner, Montana


Arrive in Bozeman


Head from the airport to your hotel in Gardiner, Montana, located at the northern gateway to Yellowstone National Park. Your Adventure Guides will discuss what lies ahead on this adventure into one of the most exciting areas in the world.  


Yellowstone Village Inn - Make yourself at home in this rustic lodging that has been a beloved stop for Yellowstone visitors. The Yellowstone Village Inn is located near the Roosevelt Arch, known as the first entry to any National Park ever built.  Step outside and explore the grounds, which are set against a backdrop of majestic mountains and are teeming with a variety of wildlife.  


Mammoth Hotel Dining Room - Enjoy a hearty dinner in this casual restaurant with a view of Fort Yellowstone’s parade area.


Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces - After dinner, be awed by these dramatic limestone terraces on a privately-led tour with a Yellowstone naturalist. With the look of caves turned inside out and striped with spectacular colors, these formations were formed when a combination of water, heat and limestone pushed through a rock fracture system. Current geothermal activity is the creative force behind their ever-changing looks.


Day 2 – Yellowstone National Park – West


Private Breakfast at a Local Favorite Eatery - Enjoy a cheery Gardiner-sendoff along with a delicious breakfast before you travel to Lamar Valley.


The Lamar Valley - Take an early morning wildlife adventure! No place in Yellowstone National Park is better for viewing wild animals than Lamar Valley, which is best known for its wolf population. While there is no guarantee that during their visit our Guests will see any wild animals including wolves, early morning affords us the best opportunity for sightings.

Keep your eyes open for a chance to see a variety of animals, which may include elk, bison, eagles, bighorn sheep, bears and more.


Stagecoach Adventure and Lunch - From the corrals of the Roosevelt Lodge, get onboard a stagecoach for a fun-filled tour of Yellowstone National Park. Head to Pleasant Valley to enjoy a private picnic lunch with your stagecoach driver—a cowboy with some

truly wild Wild West-stories to tell!


The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Hike - Be awestruck by the spectacular Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, featuring breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful multi-colored walls created by mineral stains. Hike around this 4,000-foot-wide (1219.2 meters) canyon and marvel at its majesty!


Private Dinner at Bar N Ranch - Feast on a hearty BBQ dinner prepared by a Grill Master at this cookout where you can share tales with fellow Adventurers about your experiences so far on this special Adventure by Disney vacation.


Stargazing by the Campfire - Top off your evening with s’mores and wild stories told by Adventure Guides under a star-filled sky.


Yellowstone Under Canvas - Experience camping like never before—go glamping! Feel as if you’re staying in a fine hotel room when you go glamping at Yellowstone Under Canvas in a luxurious, safari-style tent with your own private bath! The Luxury Tent Camp features an onsite restaurant serving gourmet meals and offers a range of fun-filled, family activities on land and water. Each tent is well appointed, containing linens, towels and furnishings that include beds, rugs, safari chairs, a chest of drawers, a wood-burning stove and more. Take in the full splendor of your natural surroundings while vacationing in style at this glamping haven, conveniently located 10 minutes away from Yellowstone National Park and all the adventures that await you there!

Day 3 – Yellowstone National Park – West


Breakfast at Bar N Ranch - Start your day with a real western breakfast and fuel up for the adventure ahead.


Fountain Paint Pot Trail - Take a guided walk with a local expert along the trail that leads to this multicolored mud pot that lies in the lower Geyser Basin and see remarkable hydrothermal features along the way. Discover hot springs, geysers, mud holesand fumaroles, which reveal the extent and variety of Yellowstone's volcanic activity.


Grand Prismatic Spring - Visit Yellowstone National Park’s largest hot spring, measuring approximately 370 feet (112.8 mm) in diameter and over 121 feet (37 mm) in depth. This spring boasts a striking deep blue color that turns into a myriad of colors as the water disperses outwardly across its surface.


Old Faithful Geyser - Discover the famous Old Faithful, a geyser that earned its name by regularly erupting every 35 to 120 minutes for 1-1/2 to 5 minutes. See the beautiful rainbows in the mist it creates that sprays up to 184 feet. Junior Adventurers can enjoy an exciting interactive geothermal game!


Lunch at Old Faithful Inn - The menu is varied, offering delicious options for almost any taste.


Biking the Back Country - Explore West Yellowstone by bicycle so you can soak in the abundance of natural beauty.

Leisurely Adult Dinner at Bar N Ranch - Enjoy some well-earned relaxation as you soak in the beauty that surrounds you. while dining in a room with awe-inspiring views of the rugged Montana terrain.


Junior Adventurers Dinner and Movie Night - Kids have fun with the Adventure Guides and in each other’s company at this special meal that includes some of their favorite menu items. Afterward, these Junior Adventurers can complete their magical night with a private viewing of a Disney movie.


Day 4 – Big Sky


Breakfast at Bar N Ranch - Enjoy a robust breakfast and get ready for the action-packed day ahead.


Whitewater Rafting on the Gallatin River - Take a thrilling ride through towering rock formations along the Class I–III rapids* of the Gallatin River. Located in

a canyon surrounded by the mountains of the Gallatin Range, this spectacular river begins at Gallatin Lake in Yellowstone National Park and ends 115 miles (185 km) later at the Missouri River in Three Forks, Montana.


Private Buffet Lunch - Take a relaxing break with a private buffet lunch at Bucks T-4 with its game room that houses arcade games, a pool table and more.


On Your Own at 320 Guest Ranch - Settle into your cozy cabin at 320 Guest Ranch. Then, venture out into the spectacular country surrounding this rustic dude ranch and enjoy an afternoon of walking alongside the picturesque Gallatin River. Your Adventure Guides will host Wild West-style fun ‘n games for Junior Adventurers!


Buffet Dinner in a Private Dining Room at 320 Guest Ranch -  Choose from a variety of cowboy-style dishes at this exclusive buffet dinner with menu offerings to please every member of your family. Sit back, relax and enjoy authentic, down-home Montana-style cooking!


Day 5 – Big Sky


Breakfast at 320 Guest Ranch Dining Room - Start with the breakfast a cowboy or cowgirl would enjoy—and then you're off to a day of adventures!


A Fun Day at 320 Guest Ranch - Enjoy a day of activity of your choosing. Choose one morning activity and one afternoon activity:


OPTION A: 1/2-Day Horseback Ride*

Take a 3- to 4- hour ride up into Montana mountains, high above the Gallatin River Valley and through spectacular pine forests and meadows. (Please note that this activity is only available in the morning.)

OPTION B: 2-Hour Horseback Ride

Ride for 2 hours through the gorgeous Big Sky wilderness.


OPTION C: 1-Hour Fly-Fishing Casting Lesson

Get casting instruction from an expert on the 320 Guest Ranch's stocked trout pond.


OPTION D: 1/2-Day Walk, Fly-Fishing and Wade Trip on the Gallatin River

Enjoy this leisurely activity while you take in the sights around you.


Buffet Lunch in Private Dining Room at 320 Guest Ranch - Take a break in your active day with a delicious buffet lunch.


Private Roast-and-Toast Dinner - Join your fellow Adventurers in the great outdoors while surrounded by the beautiful mountains, for a dinner of pork roasted outdoors over low heat—served alongside a pony keg of Montana-brewed beer!

Day 6 – Big Sky


Breakfast at 320 Guest Ranch - Once again, enjoy breakfast in this rustic restaurant before beginning an exciting day of activities.


Guided Hike to Nearby Ousel Falls - Hike the picturesque Ousel Falls Park Trail, with your Adventure Guides leading the way. Walk among Engelmann Spruce trees as you stroll the paved path through the small canyon with a variety of natural wonders to behold, including dramatic views of the waterfall. Reach the top and take in the panoramic magnificence of the

breathtaking Ousel Falls.


Lunch On Your Own at Big Sky Resort - Take a moment to relax and regroup in this gorgeous area, which refers to itself as the base camp to Yellowstone National Park. In the summer, it provides trails with a variety of flora and fauna running up the mighty mountains and under the famous big sky of Montana.


Choose an Activity at Big Sky Resort


OPTION A: Zip Line Adventure

Ride a chair up and take in expansive views of Lone Mountain and the Spanish Peaks of the Madison Range.

Then, swoop down the mountain, zipping 150 feet (45.72 m) above the forest floor.


OPTION B: Nature Zip Line Adventure

Take a 20-minute hike up Lone Mountain and then zip down, taking in Nature along the way.

OPTION C: High-Ropes Course

With more than 10 elements suspended 20-30 feet (6 m – 9 m) above the ground, relish the challenge of this course. You are safely harnessed and under the supervision of a skilled Guide.


OPTION D: Lone Peak Expedition

Ride to the summit via chair lift, expedition vehicle and tram with a local expert—and take in the spectacular view.


Farewell Chuck Wagon BBQ Dinner - Ride in a horse-drawn wagon to an idyllic spot on the banks of the Gallatin River. Bid farewell to your fellow Adventurers and to the glorious beauty of Montana and Yellowstone National Park as you enjoy a scrumptious barbeque dinner. And be entertained in Montana-style with songs performed by a genuine cowboy singer!

Day 7 – Big Sky


Breakfast at 320 Guest Ranch - Enjoy a farewell breakfast before you ready yourself for your trip home.


Transfer to Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport - Be escorted to the airport and helped with luggage as you bid farewell to Montana… until you return for another dose of nature at her most spectacular!

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