My name is Tracy, I'm the owner of Elite Travel Journeys. I work with busy moms who want to reconnect with their family and loved ones by removing the stress and overwhelm that planning a family getaway can create. Allow me to help you push the pause button, step out of your crazy, busy life and take time to reconnect as a family. To find new interests, stories, and moments to share as you all move to a new phase of life. As a veteran, a business owner and mom of 6, I understand what it means to be stressed out and overwhelmed, but more important than everything else, I understand just how fast kids grow up. It seems like one moment you are crying because they just won't sleep through the night, and in the next, they are applying for college.  

Talk to me if you are ready to connect.


The team at Elite Travel Journeys will design your itinerary to include every component of your vacation. You only need to relax, enjoy your adventure and make new memories.


Complimentary Personal Vacation Consultation


This is when I find out what you want, what you are looking for and what you want to get out of your time away. I take into account your interests, your travel style, the type of accommodations you want and what you like to do before I recommend a destination. If you have a destination in mind, I will use the information I gained from our consultation to design a vacation that is perfect for you.




Do you prefer luxury villas, small boutique hotels, apartments, or resorts with spas and golf? We will be sure to find you the perfect accommodation for you and your family.




Your vacation starts with traveling to your destination. We will find the best flights on your preferred airline that will not have you wasting precious time at the airport. Once you arrive, your ground transportation will be waiting to whisk you away to your hotel. Throughout your stay, the rest of your ground transportation will be pre-arranged so you will always know where you are going and how you are getting there.

Day Tours and Experiences


Day tours and special experiences all enhance your vacation and we provide these options in your itinerary. Want to do a museum tour, a guided tour in a European village, wine tasting in a local winery, a farm to table dinner with a local family, we make sure you EXPERIENCE your destination. And to make sure your favorite destinations are part of your memories, I will include a photo shoot for you in your favorite city.



If you prefer a cruise the options are plentiful. River cruises, yachts, small ships, and mega-ships all offer different experiences and we can help you choose the one that is right for you. While you are traveling our service to you doesn’t stop once your vacation is paid, we are here for you while you are away. We work with our contacts on the ground at your destination so you will always have 24-hour support should you need assistance. Should you have any questions and/or concerns, then click the link. I look forward to working with you!


My name is Tracy, I'm the proud owner of Elite Travel Journeys. My mission is to help families connect through adventure and one of a kind experiences around the world. My personal journeys have taken me to more than 25 countries, many with my own children. Such destinations of a lifetime include Kenya where my children and I were lucky enough to see the Big 5 while on safari. After spending a few days on safari, we visited a school where we spent the day teaching the children about crayons, chalk and magic markers and all they can create with them. We also read books to the children before leaving them with the over 100 books we brought with us to help them build a library.  The day ended with a game of soccer and a group photo that keeps the memories alive. Ireland and Switzerland were right up there too, but I would say after Kenya, my second favorite experiences came on a visit to Italy where we joined a local family at their farm for a Sunday homestyle dinner. We shared a meal, swapped stories and built memories to last. I'm never going to forget that trip.


Allow me to create journeys for you and your family that you will treasure for a lifetime. Journeys that create opportunities to connect with people in their home country, so you can experience it an authentic and more meaningful way. And journeys that will take you far enough out of your comfort zone, to leave you with a new perspective on life, family and the world as a whole. When you truly experience the world, not just visit it, you will be forever changed for the better.


Jenney joined the team in 2014, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge for both Europe and River Cruising. Choosing a new destination each year and by revisiting old favorites is how Jenney is able to provide some great insider tips for her clients. From being able to create custom route maps for the independent traveler or finding just the right villa in Tuscany, Jenney knows what it takes to create a custom trip to Europe you'll never forget. Jenney's best tip that she uses herself is "don't be in a rush to move from city to city, settle in a for a couple of nights and really get to know each new destination fully". Europe is about experiencing and savoring the moments that come your way.


Pam joined the team in 2014 and loves all things Disney. From her visit at the age of 10, she was instantly hooked. Pam delights in crafting the perfect magical experiences. Whether it's your first time to the Magic Kingdom or your 50th, Pam still has some hidden tips and tricks to make your trip on you'll never forget. If you're wanting more than a theme park, Pam has also sailed on Disney Cruislines and loves to share her personal experiences onboard.


Pam is also our "go-to" gal if you're looking for that great beach to just relax and connect at. For your next all-inclusive vacation, let Pam connect you with the right vacation.


Ready to start creating memories that matter?




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