Imagine sailing the rivers of Europe, Asia, Africa or even the United States, offering you a unique opportunity to see the history, culture, and destinations in ways that no other type of travel offers. Over the years cities were built on the banks of the rivers, and as such the rivers are the heart of a city's birth. When you sail into these cities and villages you will be immediately met unexpected treasures. The immersive itineraries will take you to places you may not even realize existed. By sailing directly into the heart of a village you are often able to walk to many of the sights. You will also have spectacular views as you sail down the river, from the castles along the Rhine to the vineyards on the Moselle, or the animals coming in for a drink at Chobe river in Africa, you simply won't know what to expect next. River cruising offers an opportunity to explore destinations with unpacking just once, to be able to get lost in the moment rather than the crowd. With featured itineraries ranging from golf itineraries to wine or beer, to national geographic partnership and family departures, there is sure to be a cruise line and itinerary that will fit your travel desires.


While boutique cruising traditionally wasn't thought of as a family-style of travel, that is changing quickly. Many of these cruise lines are now even offering exclusive family departures that are great for multi-generation trips and family adventures. 

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