• Tracy Schatz

What To See In Amsterdam? The Anne Frank House.

Almost everyone in the world knows who Anne Frank was, but if your memory is a little cloudy, let’s do a little recap. Anne was the Jewish girl who hid with her family in a Secret Annex in Amsterdam starting in 1942. The Nazis were seizing control of the area and any Jews that were found were being sent to concentration camps.

Anne Frank lived within the Secret Annex, which was upstairs to her father’s old business building at Prinsengracht 263, with her mother, father, sister, and four other people. They all had to stay very quiet, especially during the day when the workers were in the business below. Anne spent many of her days writing in her diary, which her father had published after he was once a free man again.

Today, you can visit the Secret Annex, because it has been turned into the Anne Frank Museum. Thee are many original pieces within this museum, along with documents, photos, and Anne’s original diary and personal notebooks.

To get an idea of what you can see inside the Anne Frank Museum, you can easily visit their website to take an online tour. The online tour only shows you a glimpse of the history you will discover while visiting in person, so you will definitely want to plan a trip to Amsterdam after watching it.

It is important to note that tickets to the Anne Frank Museum must be purchased in advance, due to the popularity of this historical site. Tickets can be purchased online two months in advance at noon Amsterdam time. They do only release eighty percent of the tickets for each specific day two months in advance, so you do have a slim chance of purchasing tickets from the remaining twenty percent on the same day of your visit. Those tickets go on sale at nine in the morning Amsterdam time and you still must purchase them online.

Now that you are all excited about the possibility of seeing where Anne Frank spent her time writing her now-infamous diary, it is time to plan your trip to Amsterdam. I can help you with all the details, so you can be worry-free from the time you book until the moment you arrive home with memories to last a lifetime.





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