• Tracy Schatz

Visiting Alaska? 5 Must-See Destinations

The state of Alaska may offer rustic conditions, but that should not discount the beauty that is everywhere in the area. After all, there are very few destinations in the world that offer massive national parks, a plethora of wild animals, and majestic glaciers that seem to grow, or melt, as you are watching them. If you are planning a trip to Alaska, there are a few destinations that you simply must-see if you do not want to miss out on the best this state has to offer.

5 Must-See Destinations for an Alaskan Vacation

1. Sitka National Historic Park

This national park wasn’t established until the 1970s, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy of a visit. It is best to take a guided tour of this park, so you do not miss any of the historical features or the numerous totem poles along the coastal trail. A stop at the Russian Bishop’s House is another must, but only if you have the time.

2. Anchorage Museum

This museum can be found at the Rasmuson Center and it is an excellent spot for learning about dinosaurs, the landscape of Alaska, and what the area looked like during the most recent Ice Age. There are quite a few geological exhibits to see and it is easy to spend an entire day learning more about this state.

3. Glacier Bay National Park

This national park is to the west of Juneau and there are plenty of outdoor adventures for you to choose from during your visit. During long hikes, you can discover many different wild animals, including mountain goats and bears. Kayaking adventures will have you discovering marine life and fishing excursions can have you catching fresh Alaskan fish by the dozens.

4. Mendenhall Glacier

The Mendenhall Glacier may not be as large as it once was, and while that is horrendous in so many ways, the melting of this glacier has created the gorgeous Mendenhall Lake for everyone to enjoy. There is a forest near this glacier, so if you have time available, you can always take a hike to learn more about this area.

5. Denali National Park and Preserve

Mount McKinley is also known as Denali, as that is what this mountain was called in Alaska’s native language. While you can hear this massive mountain called by both names, it is currently officially Denali once again. This park has six million acres and is filled with glaciers and many other geological features. As you wander around this park, you will see many animals that include moose, wolves, grizzly bears, and caribou. While those animals are quite dangerous, it may be the drunken trees that pose you the most danger. A drunken tree is one that is tilted and when you see one, you will want to steer clear of it. The reason for that is the ground around the tree is melting and you can end up in a precarious position and possibly sink into the very soft ground.

These are five of the must-see destinations that everyone simply needs to add to their Alaskan vacation itinerary. You can easily combine these with a cruise of the state of Alaska or you can visit them all on your own. Schedule a call and see how the possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring Alaska. Check out this family adventure and see the possibilities.






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