• Tracy Schatz

Got Meds?

When you are traveling, it is always best to plan ahead and take extra medications with you. As we have been dealing with the recent COVID-19, or Coronavirus, outbreak, it is an excellent idea to keep extra medications in your home as well.

While this sounds fairly straightforward and easy, it is not always the case. First, let's separate the medications into over the counter medications and prescription medications, so it is easier to talk about the ease and difficulty of accomplishing this feat.

Take Extra Medications with You on Vacation: Over the Counter Medications

As I am sure you know, it is fairly easy to stock up on over the counter medications to take with you when you travel and for your home. As long as the stores have these medications in stock, you can easily grab what you need, purchase them, and take them home.

At the moment, some stores may be placing limits on how much you can buy of each specific medication, but you should be able to get as much as you personally need. There is no need to get too much because you will most likely throw it out due to it expiring before you can use it.

Take Extra Medications with You on Vacation: Prescription Medications

When it comes to stocking up on prescription medications, this is where things will get a little tricky. Most health insurance companies will only cover a thirty-day supply unless your doctor approves a ninety-day supply. If you currently have a thirty-day supply, you may want to consider asking for a ninety-day supply, so you can have extras in case you need them.

If that is not an option, you may want to try to pay for the next thirty-day supply out of your pocket, as an extra precaution.

You may need to jump through a few hoops too if your medication includes a controlled substance because those prescriptions are carefully monitored to ensure no one abuses them.

It is important to note that all liquid medications are not restricted to the 3.4 ounces rule when it comes to placing them in your carry-on bag. You will still need to put them in a Ziploc bag and take them out of your carry-on, but they will be allowed through as long as it is in the original bottle, all the prescription label in on, and nothing looks wrong with it.

It is also helpful to carry a letter from your doctor, stating what medications you are currently taking.

When you are traveling, having extra medication with you can be helpful if you end up needing to stay in your destination longer than planned. This extra medication can also be helpful now when you might not be able to get to the pharmacy when you need to.

I recommend that you talk to your doctor and your pharmacist to find out which course of action is best for your needs, so you never need to worry about being without your medication when you need it the most.





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