• Tracy Schatz

East Vs. West: Do You Know The Differences

East vs West Day is April 25th. While this national day normally focuses on Eastern and Western cultures, I thought it would be fun to focus on the differences between the east and the west coast in the United States.

East Coast vs West Coast in the USA: Did You Know These Differences?

Things East Coasters Say

· It’s too far! It’s on the other side of the city!

· It’s not even that cold – when it is ten degrees or colder outside

· The west coast is just too laid back for me.

· Grinder – this is more commonly referred to as a submarine sandwich

Things West Coasters Say

· A grip – this is used when talking about a large quantity of anything

· Best coast – referring to where they live

· Freeway – this is different than the Easterner’s highway

· Hella – this is used to a lot, very, and really

· Using the route number of each freeway – so, the 405 or the 10

Other Differences Between the East and West Coast

· On the East Coast, recycling is limited. Out in the West, you can spend five minutes determining whether what you are tossing is metal, paper, glass, plastic, or it needs to go in one of the other recycling bins.

· It rains a lot on the East Coast, and other than the state of Washington, it is as dry as a bone on the West Coast.

· The East is fast-paced, while the West Coast moves at a more leisurely pace.

· The food. Oh, I can’t even begin to know where to start with the differences in food between both coasts! The East Coast has a lot of fast food, pizza, Italian, and seafood. Out in the West, you will find healthier foods that are organic and local. While there are fast food places, most people will choose a food truck when they want to eat on the go.

These are just some of the differences between the East and West Coasts in the USA. How many others are you aware of?

Share them with me today and let me know which coast you love to vacation on!





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