• Tracy Schatz

Always Carry Disinfectant Wipes with You when You Travel

Traveling will introduce you to any number of germs, which has been the case for hundreds of years. While you could stay home to avoid all those germs, think of all the fun you would be missing out on when it comes to exploring new and exciting destinations!

Carry Disinfectant Wipes When You Travel

When I travel, I always carry a bunch of disinfectant wipes with me. I use them at airports, on airplanes, and even hotel rooms.

How to Use Disinfectant Wipes in Airports

Germs are everywhere in airports but using a disinfectant wipe or two can remove all those germs before they get introduced to your body. I recommend wiping down chairs with disinfecting wipes before sitting down and wiping down the tables and chairs in the food courts as well. You can even use those wipes in your carry-on on door handles or to clean your cell phones after you have cleared transportation security.

Of course, if you see anything else that you are going to be touching and think it needs to be cleaned first, wipe away with those Clorox wipes and start killing 99.9% of those germs. I won’t think any less of you!

How to Use Disinfectant Wipes on Airplanes

The airline staff does the best they can when it comes to cleaning the inside of the airplanes in between landings and takeoffs. However, you are going to want to clean a few items yourself if you want to feel safer about everything you are touching. I recommend wiping off the seat and armrests you will be using, as well as the tray table if you are trying to avoid getting sick.

The one place on the plane I didn’t give any thought of until recently is the window! If you happen to have a window seat, you are going to want to clean this area as well if you want to avoid the germs that are all over it. You may also want to use a disinfectant wipe to open the bathroom door, flush the toilet, and wipe up areas you may be touching in the bathroom of the plane since so many people use that space during every flight. Seat covers in the bathroom on the airplane, or in the airport can be very helpful too when it comes to preventing germs and illnesses.

How to Use Disinfectant Wipes in Hotel Rooms

Hotel staff is really upping their game when it comes to cleaning hotel rooms, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot do your own housekeeping when you enter your room. A good idea is to simply take a few minutes to wipe down countertops, tables, chairs, light switches, and remote controls.

Please remember that as handy as these disinfectant wipes are for cleaning and removing germs, you should never use them to clean your hands, or other parts of your body. Doing so can lead to burns and skin damage. Instead, use soap and water to wash your hands, or hand sanitizer wipes if you need to.

Have you always used disinfectant wipes when flying and traveling? Will you continue to do so if you did or if you didn’t, are you going to start now?





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