• Tracy Schatz

4 Top Beaches Of Antigua and Barbuda

Soft sandy beaches are everywhere on the islands of Antigua and Barbados, so you will never be more than a few steps away from one when you are vacationing there. While all the beaches are phenomenal, there are a couple on each island that offers something unique and magical. Therefore, those are the ones you will definitely want to make time for, so you do not miss out on something extraordinary.

Best Beaches in Antigua

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay can be found along the southern end of Antigua and it is not as crowded as some of the other beaches on the island. While you can simply relax on the pink sand, you can also venture out into the water for a little swimming and surfing. It is important to note that the water can get rough at this beach, so you should be cautious at all times and never go out if it is too rough.


There are four different beaches at Hawksbill, so you can always find a stretch of sand to meet your needs. You should be aware that the fourth beach is clothing optional, so you won’t want to choose that one if you are vacationing with children. A little way out in the water are craggy red rocks and you must grab a picture of them during your time there. The water is a lot calmer at these beaches, so swimming can easily be done by the smallest of vacationers.

Dickenson Bay

This beach can be found to the north of St. John’s and it is the perfect choice if you are traveling with smaller children. There are a plethora of water sports at this beach every day and the beach bars and restaurants are perfect for when everyone is hungry. I recommend strolling along this beach at night because it is one of the best places to watch the sunset on Antigua.

Best Beaches in Barbuda

Barbuda Pink Sand

Have you ever heard about Barbuda's pink sand beach? It does exist for real and it’s of unimaginable beauty, still wild and untouched. There are only a few hotels on the island. You can get there by ferry on your own or on an organized tour. I would certainly stay there a couple of nights, to enjoy it fully. As a side note, besides basking on the dreamy beaches Barbuda offers one of the biggest Frigate birds sanctuaries in the world, where thousands of Frigate birds gather during mating season. You will see their inflated red necks which serve the males to attract females. It’s simply a spectacular show to watch.





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