• Tracy Schatz

4 Tips for Getting Enough Sleep When You are Traveling

Vacations are a time to stay up late, get up early, and party hardy, right? While I normally would agree with you, I have discovered that I enjoy my vacations much more when I get enough sleep. It has taken me some time to get out of the do anything and everything mindset while traveling around the world, but I have found a few tips that will help you get to the same place much faster.

3 Reasons to Get Enough Sleep When You are Traveling

When you do not get enough sleep when you are on vacation, you are setting yourself up for some health issues after you return home. Or even before your vacation is over!

1. Weakened Immune Systems

Not enough sleep will weaken your immune system and set you up for possibly catching any germ you encounter. A good night’s sleep will have the opposite effect, so you must do everything you can to adjust your circadian rhythm and fall asleep easier.

2. Memory Issues

When you are really tired, you can have a difficult time remembering things, which is never good when you are on vacation. There are many tips and tricks you can use to keep your memory sharp when you are traveling for work or for fun.

3. Additional Stress

It shouldn’t be shocking that traveling can be slightly stressful, so you do not need the additional stress that not enough sleep brings you. Cut down on that stress by finding ways to relax and simply live in the moment. Of course, managing to sleep at night will help you reduce your stress and allow you to wake up refreshed and relaxed.

4 Tips for Getting Enough Sleep When You Are Traveling

1. Learn How to Sleep When You Can

Sometimes, you will find that you should really catch a few winks when you are on an airplane, whether flying to your destination or flying home. Not many people can sleep on planes, but if you pack an eye mask, travel pillow, and earplugs, you might have a chance of catching a little must-needed sleep and avoid jet lag later on.

2. Get Over Jet Lag Quickly

Jet lag can make you feel more tired than you really are, which is why it is super important to get over jet lag quickly. I went over a few ideas of how to do this a couple of weeks ago, but for a refresher, remember that you should stay awake when you arrive at your destination. You should also make sure you go to bed at your regular time and get up when you usually do as well. The sooner your internal clock adjusts to the new time zone, the better chance you will have with getting a good night’s sleep.

3. Get Some Exercise

You may not feel like working out and getting some exercise when you are on vacation, but even a long walk can help you sleep better and longer. Try to do some fun activities every day, so you will be really tired and ready for bed at night.

4. Don’t Overpack Your Schedule

There is always going to be something more you want to do when you are traveling, but don’t overpack your schedule so you are sacrificing sleep to get it all done. Instead, focus on your health and leave those unseen attractions for the next time you get back to that same area.

These four tips will help you get more sleep when you are traveling, so you may want to incorporate them all into all your travels now and in the future. While you may not think they are necessary, once you complete one vacation where you get enough sleep, you will find that it was your best vacation yet. Trust me I know!





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