• Tracy Schatz

4 Foods You Must Try When Vacationing in Antigua and Barbuda

The cuisine in Antigua and Barbuda is extraordinary, but did you know that each island has its own list of things you must try? It is true, and while you may not be an adventurous eater, you should still try some of the delectable dishes that these islands are known for.

Foods You Must Try When Vacationing in Antigua

Saltfish and Fungi

This happens to be the Antiguan national dish, so make sure it is on your list of foods to try when vacationing there! The saltfish is a salt-cured white fish that is served with the fungi, which is cornmeal and okra paste formed into balls.


Okay, so rum isn’t a food, but it is one of the must-try items in Antigua. The rum is made on this island and you can find many different types. The high-quality rums are best sipped on their own, while the lower-quality ones are excellent in rum punch.


Ducana is a sweet potato dumpling made by wrapping a banana leaf around grated sweet potatoes and coconut. The entire thing is then steamed and usually served with saltfish or conch.


Conch is the meat that is inside all those spiral shells that can be found on Antigua’s sandy beaches. This seafood meat can be used to make many different dishes including fritters, chowders, and curries.





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