• Tracy Schatz

7 Ways To Keep You Occupied On Long Flights

Do you find yourself dreading the long flights that will take you away on the fantastic vacation you have been planning for months? You know, the one to Hawaii, Europe or even Australia. The one everyone is excited for because you will be all together as a family, getting away from the hustle and bustle of life. You have coordinated the schedules of your children, your parents and even those you are delegating your workload too. Now you find yourself wondering, "What was I thinking? The flight is 12 hours. How are we all going to survive?" My best tips and tricks for being entertained are listed below.

Just like I make an itinerary for my clients trip and break it down day by day, I want you to have a flight itinerary broken down in hourly blocks of time. As you are setting up your itinerary, remember to allow 60 - 90 minutes for food and beverage service during the first hour of your flight and then again, when 2 hours are remaining.

Be Proactive. While you don't necessarily do this in flight, doing these activities before leaving for the airport, will definitely keep everyone's patience in check.

- Charge all devices. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, Kindles, charging brick, etc.

- Download books to your Kindle, movies, and tv shows to your tablets or laptop.

- Download your favorite podcast shows that you haven't had time to listen to.

- Bring some of your magazines from home.

- Pack snacks in your carry-on, the ones your family really likes instead of that small bag of nuts the airline gives you. Remember, no liquids until after you get through security.

- Pack disinfectant wipes. Wipe down the tray table, armrest or anything you may touch.

- Pack a small first aid kit.

- Pack any comfort items your kids may need while flying in their carry-on.

- Don't forget to bring along some non-digital items, too much screen time will not allow for rest.

- Pack a travel footrest.

Be Productive.

- Clean up your cell phone or tablet of all the used apps.

- Organize your photo's on your devices.

- Answer emails.

- Learn new software that you haven't found the time to do.

- Bring your spreadsheets up do date.

- Take care of the last minute stuff you didn't get a chance to do at the office.

- Finish your to-do list.

- Bring a notebook and brainstorm future project ideas.

- Learn a language. The Duolingo app has offline and online modes.

Be Creative.

- Bring a journal and start writing.

- Color. Adult coloring books are everywhere and you may just discover your inner Picasso. Or, ask the kids if they will let you color in theirs, who doesn't love a Disney coloring book?

Be Relaxed.

- Use a blanket, your travel pillow and rest your feet on your travel footrest.

- Binge watch the shows you downloaded on your devices.

- Read your paperback book or the one you loaded on to your Kindle.

- Read your magazines.

If all else fails, remember, you are on vacation, so put your earbuds in, put your eye mask on and get some much-needed rest.

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