• Tracy Schatz

10 Important Tips for Safe Traveling

Everyone loves traveling. There are some useful things to know when exploring a new destination. These 10 tips will keep you safe and out of danger.

Don’t Tell Your Business to Strangers – Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea to talk to the locals for advice on food and directions. You should, however, be cautious to not divulge too much information. It is also wise to wait before posting to social media.

Know Local Scams – You can check the U.S. state department website for all dangers and threats that exist in every country in the world. This will allow you to be prepared.

Register with Your Embassy – When traveling out of the country, it is a must to register with the countries local embassy. You can do that through the ‘Smart Traveler Enrollment Program’, provided by the U.S. Department of State.

Know the Local Dress code – Not only are there customs that are law in some countries, you also don’t want to stand out as a tourist. Predators are everywhere, and loud clothing is a dead giveaway. Dress in muted colors and try not to be too flashy.

Get Travel Insurance – Spending an additional $100 or so to protect your belongings should absolutely be included in your budget when traveling. The peace of mind adds to the potential payoff if an unfortunate event was to take place.

Advise Your Bank of Your Travel Plans – Telling your bank will save you time on transactions that may be blocked when visiting a destination that you’ve never been.

Pack a First Aid Kit – A basic kit can help you immensely! Look up the contents for an adventure waterproof kit. That will have the essentials needed to stay out of an emergency room or scrounging to find items in a time of need.

Use ATM’s Wisely – If you do need to use an ATM, be sure to travel with a group when doing so. The goal is to have your back covered and be private with entering your information.

Don’t Get Too Drunk – We all like to party but being inebriated as a tourist is very risky. You need to be on high alert with your drinking and who is preparing your drink. Set a limit and stick to it.

Write Down Emergency Information – Keep your contact information and two people that can be contacted immediately if needed written down in a safe place. This may come in handy if there is a disaster. Keep an emergency plan in your phone as well.

We never want bad things to happen when traveling, however, the better you prepare, the more fun you will have.






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