• Tracy Schatz

5 Fun Family Vacations for Multigenerational Travelers

Your next family vacation could look like one of our staffer’s recent vacation. Mom and dad of course. Grandpa, cousins, all the grandkids; throw in an aunt and uncle and you have a multigenerational family vacation. And this type of travel is growing and changing the industry!

In Search of Fun Family Vacations for Multigenerational Travel

The challenge for any vacation destination when it comes to multigenerational travelers is making sure all generations can enjoy themselves. The next biggest factor is accommodations. Facilities need large rooms preferably connected, for multigen travelers. The good news is that many vacation spots are designed around this new trend making everyone in your family happy. Cruising Cruises are perfect for families with night owls, early risers and those who don’t mind eating together for every meal. Your family gets to explore port cities and the larger ships have lots of activities to choose from. Cruises allow you to be together but balance out personalities and energy levels.

Giddy Up - Dude Ranches

Does your family love the Wild West and wide open spaces? A dude ranch is the perfect option for multigen families who love campfires and s’mores. Dude Ranches are perfect for families that thrive on structure. Depending on the ranch you choose, you can get up early and help the cowboys or enjoy more of a camp-like atmosphere. Family Adventure Tours If thrill-seeking is in your DNA then your multigenerational family is sure to enjoy and adventure tour. These vacations are packed full of opportunities to run, jump and see something new. So this type of trip isn’t for those with limited mobility or hate the idea of a schedule.


Mexico and the Caribbean top the list when it comes to an all-inclusive multigenerational

vacation. Perfect for water-loving families who are looking for good food, beautiful beaches, and cultural sites. You and your family even have the option of staying poolside or ordering room service. Vet each resort to make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy. Heritage Travel We love the idea of a multigenerational trip that allows a family to trace their ancestral roots! You can have a family reunion that takes you to Ireland, Spain, Vietnam, Ghana or even Scotland. The stories you gather will be priceless. Sites like Ancestry.com can help you start mapping out your family tree as well as old family photo albums. We suggest working with a travel agent to help you with all the details.






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