• Tracy Schatz

How is your family connecting this holiday season?

When the calendar flips to December, it’s time to get the tree up or menorah out, the cookies baked and ready to eat and share, plan out the holiday concert schedule and finalize the sleeping arrangements for everyone coming home for Christmas. For many of my clients, the desire to escape all the hassle of holiday planning is real and they instead opt for a family vacation for the holidays. Often when families gather now, they come from different cities, states and in some cases countries. A destination away seems to be the answer for a lot of the stresses that come with traveling home for the holidays. In this weeks’ article, let’s talk about some of the most popular destinations families choose for their holiday vacation.

There are many different types of vacations, but here are the three most popular among my clients this year. The typical classic is an amazing theme park, just picture the decorations, the music and the buzz of excitement and energy at a Disney resort. Universal is also popular around the holidays. While the parks will be quite full at this time of year, the added shows, hours and extra special holiday touches make it a popular choice for many of my clients.

Not into theme parks, no worries, how about a ski vacation? I work with a wonderful company that has a great line up of stunning ski resorts throughout Europe. Soon, they are even adding to their line up with their newest resorts in Canada. Picture a family vacation on slopes, or visiting a sugar shack, or trying some Canadian Maple Taffy made on the snow. You could also check out the Swiss Alps, and enjoy the food, history and culture. The best part; These resorts are all inclusive including ski passes, food and drink. A great way to connect and no one has to do the dishes!

Finally, the other most popular option is a vacation of complete rest and relaxation. A week at an all-inclusive beach resort sometimes is exactly what the doctor prescribed. Stunning views, great food, room service and the best beaches. Imagine an entire week where you and your families every wish is fulfilled. Just unplug and enjoy!

If you are looking to reconnect with your family, let me help take the stress out of planning. My mission is to help busy families reconnect by getting away from the day to day stresses of life. If you are looking for an experience your family will never forget, let’s connect.

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