• Tracy Schatz

5 Perfect Getaways to Take with Your Friends

Traveling with your friends is all about making memories and being carefree. You need to escape from time to time and these five places will be sure to make your time together special and unforgettable.

Montreal – If you want to get the feel of a European vacation without the high costs, then Montreal is the way to go!

There are many fun activities that you all can explore together, from hiking Mount Royal to taking a dip in the pool at Bota Bota, the possibilities are vast. They have an immaculate historic district, and if you can, stay at the exceptional boutique ‘Hotel William Gray’ which is in Old Montreal.

Iceland – Visiting Iceland can be a surreal experience and the views of the glaciers and hot springs are absolutely striking. October to March is the ideal season to view the wonderous Aurora Borealis with you friends. These colorful dancing lights in the atmosphere will be something to cherish for years to come. Hotel Ranga is a great base hotel to view the sky show. Visit the northern town of Husavik to view Whale watching, the Arctic Henge and many other geological wonders.

Cartagena, Columbia – Located in the Caribbean coast, Cartagena is moving away from its criminal history and is becoming an enriched and charming destination to visit. One site that is a must-see is the 16th century San Felipe castle. The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is full of mysterious tunnels and turrets. Another great place to visit with your mates is Isla Grande. Located only an hour boat ride from Cartagena, the serene blue waters are a perfect place to relax and adore the views.

St. Lucia – Along with beautiful beaches, this Caribbean location is lined with rainforests, botanical gardens and cascading waterfalls. Marigot Bay has some of the best natural harbors in the World and is located five miles from Castries. You have to visit the most iconic site in St. Lucia which is also a World Heritage site called The Piton. The summit is over 2,600 ft. and the views are breathtaking.

Beaver Creek, Colorado – With a fusion of a modern resort and an alpine village, this getaway will give you the feel of a whole new world. With views of the Rocky Mountains and an indoor ice rink there is much to love about this rustic resort and something for everyone to do. There’s plenty to appreciate in the summer months as well, with the natural environment. You have the options to bike, hike and take a scenic chairlift ride to take in the sights.

Get your bags packed and grab your favorite folks. These places will surely not disappoint.






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