• Tracy Schatz

5 Great Phone Apps to Make Group Travel Simple

As group travel becomes more popular, so has the technology to support every facet of your getaway. There have been several start-up companies and crowd-source funds aimed at group travel apps. With the common goal in mind to make your trip seamless and stress free, these apps are revolutionizing travel. These 5 mobile applications are extremely innovative and will make any group trip run smooth as silk!

GrupTrip – This app allows you and your group to share an itinerary and update it as needed. You can make suggestions and decide on a final to-do list all in one central location. All ideas are grouped by category and can include links and addresses. The app allows everyone to provide feedback to limit disagreements and ensure everyone is on the same accord and satisfied with the schedule.

SPLITTR – Throw away your calculators and spreadsheets! Splittr helps you to split group expenses. From dining, to lodging and any other expenses that may come up. All currencies are supported, and you can use it offline if you need to. Splittr also syncs with your group and there is absolutely no registration required.

PRAVA – This app is a unique social networking app for travelers. It has been rated as one of the top travel apps by several sites. You can make and share trips, photos, budgets and itineraries. You also have the option to publish trips so that other Prava users can view and comment. Lastly, you can explore trips of other users to get ideas for your next getaway.

TripIt – Tripit from Concur is an all-in-one app that has an excellent feature that provides a master itinerary once you email your plan (flight and hotel) confirmations to plans@tripit.com. Once received, you can share your plans and receive updates on flights and sync travel details to your calendar. For $49 a year you can have access to other features including rewards programs, refund alerts and so much more.

PlanChat – Currently available only on iOS, Planchat was designed to assist with coordinating plans between groups. Its comprehensive features include polls, tracking flights and hotels, allocating costs, group chat and viewing suggestions of other adventures from users. There is even a bucket list option that lets you create and update your dream getaways.

Now that you can have a stress-free trip with all your favorite people, get your passport and let the planning begin!






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