• Tracy Schatz

10 Must-Eat Food from Around the World

With over 80 different ethnic cuisines and six cuisine styles, it’s debatable which is the finest. With this list, you will get a diverse array of the top dishes you can divulge in to get a taste of the best.

Greece – Spanakopita – This savory pastry is made of crispy phyllo pastry and is filled with spinach, feta, egg, scallions and special seasonings. There is a delicious vegan version of this popular Greek dish as well.

Morocco: B'stilla (Pastilla) – Known also as pigeon pie, this slightly sweet and savory dish is usually an appetizer. You can also use quail, chicken thighs or Cornish hens as a scrumptious substitute.

Italy – Prosciutto di Parma – Produced only from the hind legs of chosen heritage bred pigs, this ham is cured for at least 400 days (by law). The result is a delectable meat prepared in perfect conditions.

Poland: Chlodnik – Interestingly enough, this is a summer soup and is very popular among the polish culture. The soup is bright pink and served cold. Its main ingredients are beets, cucumber and yogurt.

Hawaii – Poke – There are many ways you can prepare this traditional Hawaiian dish. It can be an appetizer or a main dish. Essentially, it contains diced raw fish doused in seasonings and can often be lightly seared depending on preferences.

Singapore – Chili Crab – Mud crabs are used to prepare this dish and have much larger front claws than the traditional blue crab. The crabs are stir-fried in a delicious thick tomato and chili-based sauce.

Japan – Ankimo – This winter Japanese delicacy is the foie gras of the sea. Its comprised of monkfish liver rubbed with salt and washed in sake. Once deveined, the liver is rolled and steamed. The dish is accompanied with scallions, grated daikon, and ponzu sauce.

Indonesia – Rendang – Some chefs often consider Rendang to be curry, however, it is prepared with beef sirloin, spices and coconut milk which is richer than traditional curry. The meat is slow-cooked until just about all the liquid is gone.

Senegal – Poulet Yassa – What makes this an exceptional selection is that it can be made using marinated poultry or fish. The succulent dish is prepared with lemon and lots of caramelized onions (they really make the dish). Served over white rice, the West African favorite has become popular world-wide.

If you are unable to explore the World to try these dishes, you can take a stab at some recipes in your own kitchen.

Although some are more complex than others, you will not be disappointed.

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