• Tracy Schatz

5 Top Beaches In Hawaii

When you think of Hawaii, you think of surfing, whale watching, waterfalls, volcano's and naturally beaches. Did you know that over 100 beautiful beaches encompass the eight islands in Hawaii. Today I'm sharing with you 5 of the BEST beaches that the Oceania state has to offer.

Tunnels Beach (Kaua'i) - Surrounded by vivacious palms and flowering ironwood trees, Tunnels Beach is the ultimate location for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts. The beach earned its' moniker from the lava tubes that form the underwater caverns that make the beach suck a magical place for underwater exploration. Looking to stay above water, Tunnels Beach is also a favorite among those who surf, kite surf and wind surf. While it is fantastic during the day, the sunsets from this North Shore beach are spectacular, so be sure to catch one.

Kapalua Bay (Maui) - Soft white sand beaches and calm waters of this beach make it the perfect place for beginning snorkelers to get some practice and families with little ones to enjoy their time in the water without having to worry about rough surf. This bay is protected by two reefs that extend out forming a "C" shaped cove. These reefs ensure the coral and the tropical wildlife is truly spectacular. This beach is popular as it easy to get to, however, its large enough that you will have room to spread out your towels for a nice relaxing day.

Holopo'e Beach (Lana'i) - This protected bay has a pristine exquisiteness about it. The beach comes equipped with grills, picnic tables and showers. What makes this area so unique is its sizable tide pools made from volcanic rock. The rock assists with keeping the waters calm, which allows your swimming and exploration that much more enjoyable. You can take a hike a long the cliffs and if you're lucky, you may get the chance to witness the lovely spinner dolphins. Although there is much marine life, the bay is protected, and everything must be left as is for preservation purposes.

Hapuna Beach (The Big Island) - Hapuna Beach is located in Hapuna Beach State Park and is regularly voted among the "Best Beaches in the World" due to its beauty, size and the fact that it is always sunny. The beach gets only 10 inches of rain a year! This beach is very popular amongst families so if you arrive and it's too crowded, Wailea Beach is just south of Hapuna. Looking for something else to do with the family while at the park, hike along the Ala Kahakai coastal trail to catch some remarkable views and anchialine ponds. What is an anchialine pond you ask? It is a landlocked body of water with a below ground connection to the ocean.

Punlau'u Beach (The Big Island) - This picturesque beach is not only famous for its black sand but also for its endangered sea turtles because it is one of the few beaches that sea turtles chose to lay their eggs. You will often find Hawaiian green sea turtles basking in the sun here, the real lucky people may also encounter the rare Hawksbill Turtle while in the water. Make sure you bring your water shoes, as getting into the water here may hurt your feet since you are climbing on lava rocks.

Now that you know some of the hot spots in Hawaii, prepare to discover optimal beach life in the richly beautiful Pacific archipelago.

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