• Tracy Schatz

4 Ideal Destinations For Group Travel

Traveling with groups can sometimes be an intimidating task. Selecting just the right destination can often lead to great comraderies and strengthen relationships. Just being in a new environment can vastly improve associations, whether it is family, friends or colleagues. Destinations worldwide are becoming more accommodating to larger groups. These four suggestions will be sure to point any group in the right direction to a fun filled vacation.

Tuscany, Italy – Tuscany is known for being a wonderful destination wedding selection, it is also a fantastic place for groups to visit. They have vast countryside’s and hotels that are immune to larger groups. Florence is filled with museums and there are countless vineyards. The seaside town of San Vincenzo has water sports galore and many sports fields as well. There is something for every personality to enjoy and no short on immaculate views.

Cruise – Going on a cruise can be great for any group. There are itineraries provided each morning detailing all activities throughout the vessel. There is no short on group exercises that you will be able to enjoy together, such as Bingo or charades, to name a few. You can see a Broadway show and enjoy adventurous excursions together once docked. To add to the fun there is also fine dining each night, and the food is delectable as well as endless!

Mallorca, Spain – This destination makes the list because it is affordable as well as stunning. The language spoken is mostly Spanish, however, a tour guide is highly recommended. They have a ‘Jungleparc’ which has circuits including ziplining, bridges, nets, swings and even skateboarding! There’s plenty of hikes to explore and majestic views to take in. The range of golf courses there are world-class with striking sea views of the Bay of Alcudia. They also have Mallorca Balloons, which is a hot air balloon, and is truly a unique way to experience the area.

Ani Villas – This is an excellent choice! Ani Villas is designed to provide the “ultimate group vacation experience” (it says so on their site). Located in Dominican Republic, Anguilla, Sri Lanka and Thailand, the private resorts were created to be especially accommodating to larger groups. There is a 14-bedroom estate with some of the finest beaches in the World. You are close to a golf courses and an array of water sports to enjoy. The resorts are also family friendly with an ample amount of activities for children to appreciate.

Whichever destination you choose, you and your group are sure to be pleased and have a memorable time that you can talk about for many years to come.

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