• Tracy Schatz

Four of the Wackiest Travel Accessories Out There

There are so many gadgets out there designed to make your travels more comfortable and fun. Some are a true godsend, while others definitely make us wonder, what were they thinking??? Even some of the weirdest and wackiest travel accessories, though, are worth packing! Here are four of our favorite funny travel accessories and gadgets that just might be worth making room in your suitcase for:

1. Flipsidez: Jetting off for a beach getaway? Don’t forget to pack your Flipsidez! These customizable flip flops leave imprints in the sand as you walk along the beach, so you can literally leave your mark while on vacation. These would make adorable welcome gifts for guests if you were planning a destination wedding somewhere sunny.

2. Ostrich Pillow: Funny looking birds and a truly restful nap … who knew the two would go together so well? This travel pillow, called the Ostrich Pillow since it slightly resembles the bug-eyed bird, creates a soothing, intimate atmosphere for napping with its soft, dark interior. Could carting such a strange-looking contraption on your travels be worth it? As one Amazon reviewer put it, “Sure, I get weird looks, but I can't tell because I am asleep.” That review speaks for itself! (photo by Kevin Hale)

3. A/C Jacket: It’s a classic travel conundrum — you want to cover up while you’re out and about, but it’s just too hot to dress in layers. Enter: the A/C Jacket, a long-sleeve jacket with built in fans that circulate air throughout the clothing. Made by a Japanese company called Kuchofuku, this jacket may especially come in handy when touring crowded, stuffy cathedrals or other religious sites that require you to cover up.

4. Scooter Luggage: Channel your inner Tony Hawk and fly through the airport on this suitcase from Micro, which comes with a fold-out scooter. Yes, you may look pretty silly — but you'll also get to your gate in half the time. The luggage is TSA compliant and comes with a padded pouch where you can slip in your laptop. Scooter luggage like this just may be a godsend when you're trying to catch a tight connection! It's up to you, though, whether or not you accessorize with a helmet ...







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