• Tracy Schatz

3 Ultra Luxurious, Over-the-Top Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund on Travel

It’s tax time! Got a juicy tax refund on its way to you? Then we have some suggestions on how to spend it. Treat yourself with these 3 totally over-the-top indulgent ways to spend your tax refund:

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best ... Spa Service?: What’s more luxurious than beautiful diamond jewelry? Well, we think we’ve found something … head to the spa at The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills to be covered in diamonds from head to toe, quite literally. The spa’s Precious Diamond Massage uses an oil that’s infused with precious diamonds, along with rose and geranium essence. The result? You’ll release your tension, tone your skin, rejuvenate your body and mind — and get some incredible bragging rights. It’s not everyday you get rubbed down with diamonds! An added bonus: You just might run into some of Hollywood’s top celebrities, in search of a gem-studded spa session for themselves.

Come Hungry to this Multi-Multi-Course Dinner: Think a 3 or 5 course dinner is fancy? Try 40! At the restaurant Enigma in Spain, diners are treated to 40 courses of imaginative small plates in a cool, future-esque atmosphere. The restaurant was created by the former pastry chef of El Bulli, which was one of the most famous experimental restaurants in the world before it closed in 2011. True to its name, Enigma does not list any menu on its website, so guests can savor the surprise come mealtime. You’ll enjoy a truly over-the-top gastronomic experience at this special restaurant — that is, if you can snag a table. Enigma welcomes just 24 diners to its space each night.

A Travel Experience That’s Out of This World: If you’re the kind of traveler who’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to hip, new destinations, you need to book a seat on this flight. This flight will take you to a destination few have ever been to before … the moon! Or, more accurately, you can take a trip around the moon with SpaceX. The private rocket company is on the forefront of space tourism. In fact, CEO Elon Musk reports that two private individuals (who we assume have very deep pockets) have hired SpaceX to take them on a rocket journey around the moon in late 2018. Your tax refund may buy you a pack of peanuts on a trip like this ;)

How do you fantasize spending your tax refund? Share your out-of-this-world indulgent travel desires on our Facebook page!

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