Boutique cruising is a more intimate way to travel. Onboard vessels that hold between 400 and 900 passengers, offers opportunities to experience travel differently. Boutique cruising offers the best of that ocean cruising offers, but with added luxuries and amenities, where the staff is eager to learn your preferences so that they can provide you with the best possible experience. Sailing on a small ship allows you to access ports not otherwise accessible to the larger ships. Imagine sitting on your balcony drinking your morning coffee, eating pastries that you have come to love and you notice that you are passing larger ships as you glide closer and closer into the city.  Suddenly spotting an iconic landmark just beyond the shoreline as you approach your exclusive port.  Once docked you notice you are only a short walk or drive away from where your days' adventures will take you. Those larger ships are docked as much as three hours away in some destinations, and their passengers are arriving on coaches. Not only do you get to have even more time in port, but you will also be in some of the most unique ports long after everyone else has headed back to their ships. Boutique cruising offers more overnight stays than any other type of cruising, allowing you to not only experience a destination during the daytime but truly get to know the culture and flavor of a destination by enjoying after the sun goes down. 


While boutique cruising traditionally wasn't thought of as a family-style of travel, that is changing quickly. Many of these cruise lines are now even offering exclusive family departures that are great for multi-generation trips and family adventures. 

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